Universel Déjeuners et Grillades

I love breakfast! I would eat it for all meals of the day if I could. Therefore, when I came across Universel, I just had to give it a try. Normally, I would usually have breakfast with friends in the South Shore at Breakfast Club, but it was time to find one I liked in downtown Montreal.

Universel is just off the busy street of St. Catherine on Peel. It has a big terrace  out front for the nice, hot summer days. The restaurant has a simple, modern feel. Green is the accented colour, so how can it not be pretty right? (Btw, my favourite colour is green).

Service was great and friendly. When I go out for breakfast, I always order an Egg’s Benedict because I am not confident enough with my cooking skills to make my own at home. Therefore, it was no surprise that the first and only part of the menu I looked at was for an Egg’s Benedict dish. I finally decided on the Asparagus with Gruyere Cheese Egg’s Benedict along with a Jupiter fruit juice, which consisted of banana, mango, honey, orange, and yogurt. The hollandaise sauce was delicious and the breakfast was overall very satisfying. I appreciated how many fruits were included with the dish and how they were presented in a separate bowl. For fruit smoothies, the ones at Chez Cora’s always just taste of banana regardless of the flavour you chose, but in this fruit juice although banana was the dominant flavour, the other flavours were there as well. My boyfriend ordered the Universel Egg’s Benedict, which came with bacon, sausage, mushrooms, and Gruyere cheese. He enjoyed it and described it as “exactly what you expect breakfast to taste like”. The only negative was that the poached eggs were not runny enough and the potatoes were slightly too burnt for his taste.

Although I rarely go downtown for breakfast, at least now I know of an alternative place for whenever I am there, or better yet want breakfast as lunch. My boyfriend would rather continue going to Breakfast Club. I have not tried their lunch/dinner menu, but maybe I will in the future. If anyone is interested, there is a  10% discount coupon for evenings at the following site: http://www.restomontreal.ca/en/4051/Universel-Dejeuners-et-Grillades.

2055 rue Peel, Montreal, QC, H3A1V4  514-840-7136

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