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My friends and I decided to go see the Fire on Ice this past Saturday, and since I was without my car that day, I was in search for a restaurant in Old Montreal. I came across this Polish restaurant that would allow us to get to the Bonsecours Basin in a matter of a few minutes walk. Perfect!

Arriving at the restaurant, the entrance was nicely heated to immediately warm us up, and the cold weather outside was quickly forgotten. We did not make reservations (which probably would have been a bright idea considering most of the tables were filled), but lucky for us they seated us immediately at a corner table by the window. The restaurant was very dimly lit. The wooden beams on the ceiling and the wooden benches and large chunky tables really brought a nice cozy atmosphere. An added bonus was the pianist who would play while you ate.

There were many choices on the menu that I wanted to try so my friends and I decided to each get something different. I started off with a Barszcz soup, which was the normal borscht beet soup, but with some added acidity. It was quite enjoyable, especially with the sour cream mixed in. I would have preferred if there were onions or other ingredients in the soup rather than just the liquid portion though. The little pastry that came along with the soup, was extremely flaky and the seed-like seasoning on top was something I have never had before. My friends had the Krokiety for appetizer. This was a crepe that was rolled and wrapped around a meat filling and then breaded and deep fried. My friends offered me a piece to try, and I am glad they did. The breaded exterior had a really nice crunch and while the interior meat filling was flavourful and juicy. No complaints whatsoever. Next time I go back, I will order one for myself.

Moving on the mains, we got a mix of Meat and Cheese Pierogies, the Sznycel, and the Golabki. Pierogies are dumplings with either a meat or cheese filling and served with sour cream along with a sauerkraut. The pierogies tasted exactly as they should and I did not try the sauerkraut so I cannot comment on it. The Sznycel is ground meat that has been pan fried and served with a mushroom sauce, potatoes and vegetables. From the first bite, it tasted a lot like a hamburger steak, but what I liked about it was the crispiness of the outer layer from being pan fried. The Golabki consisted of cabbage rolls with a minced meat and rice filling and topped with a tomato sauce. This dish was served with potatoes and a cucumber salad. Again it tasted exactly as I had expected to and left me filled and satisfied.

The service was great and the food came at a great speed, so it left us lots of time to get to the Fire on Ice event. We even got to roast some marshmallows before the fireworks began. The dishes were reasonably price leaving this restaurant a great choice when you are in the Old Montreal area.

200, St-Paul Ouest, Montreal, H2Y 1Z9  514-845-6611

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